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With vBooks you can manage and keep track of your school’s textbooks. vBooks is web-based so you are can access it from any computer with an Internet connection.

Each book is assigned a unique bar code which can be scanned using any bar code scanner, or the number entered when issuing, returning or doing an enquiry on a book. This also ensures that learners return the book that they were issued.

Groups are created and assigned to a user giving them specific permissions.


  • Purchase new books.
  • Write off books.
  • Lost books. Invoice the learner. 
  • Damaged books.
  • Keep track of each books condition.
  • Generate and print bar codes.
  • Full audit trail of each book. 


Books can be issued to educators, individual learners or a class. The system ensures that the correct text book is issued based on the subjects of the learner or class. Learners who have not been issued with a textbook are easily identifiable making it easier to ensure that a learner or a class has received all of their textbooks.

The condition of the book can be changed when issuing.

Reports can be printed showing all learners who have not been issued a textbook for a subject. This report can be printed per learner or per educator.


Books can be returned individually, by educator, individual learner or class by simply scanning or entering the bar code. The condition of the book can be changed before returning it.

Reports can be printed, per learner or educator, detailing who has not returned a book.

Audit Trail

Every action taken in vBooks is recorded. The full history of a book is available detailing the movement and the status of each book.


Learner, subject and book information can be imported from your administration system or you can manage the data in vBooks.


vBooks provides an API that external systems can use to notify vBooks of new learners, learners who have left and subject changes. The data can also be exported to SA-SAMS.

Access to your data

Your data is protected by your username and password. No one else has access to your information unless you have given them access. In which case, they too will have access to your data, but using their own username and password.
If you are logged in and don’t use the system for an extended period of time, you will automatically be logged out.

Managed Hosting

Your data is stored in a managed hosted environment at a secure physical location that uses technology-driven measures to provide perimeter, building and access-control security. The perimeter fence is backed by high voltage barriers, the latest video surveillance technology and response systems. All outdoor and indoor access zones, including colocation racks , are monitored by video surveillance.

Biometric access control systems and progressive access policies allow unattended access to authorised visitors.

Data Backups

Your data is backed up twice a day. Backups are stored for up to two weeks. Data is stored in an alternative location, accommodating multiple points of failure.

SSL Security

The information you send to and retrieve from vBooks is encrypted. vBooks utilises a security certificate obtained from a reputable certificate provider. This certificate is fully authenticated and verified, encrypting your data with up to 256-bit encryption (browser dependant) and therefore ensuring that your data is safe.